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Creativity: Swami Kriyananda

For this method of concentration. I am deeply indebted to Swami Kriyananda, aka Donald Walters.  He shares its impact: “Often I have found, by meditation-induced concentration, that I can accomplish in an afternoon what others have required days or even … read more

Creativity: Amabile’s Componential Model

Amabile’s Componential Model identifies a set of “dispositional, cognitive, and social factors” interacting to produce various degrees of creativity: “Domain-Relevant Skills,” “Creativity-Relevant Skills,” and “Task Motivation” (pp. 82-83, 77).    A “dispositional” factor would have to do with your temperament:  for … read more

Creativity is a Process.

You may have seen it listed as 4, 5, or 6 steps. The usual description is of 5 stages: Preparation. The creator becomes immersed in the formulas and rules of the craft.  Often quoted is Pasteur’s dictum: “Chance favors the prepared … read more

Creativity: A Gift from the Gods?

Many artists feel that their products are a gift from something greater than themselves.  The ancients spoke of the Daemon, the creator’s genius or Muse, the supernatural entity that allowed him to access higher realms and translate their eternal truths … read more


The mask loomed out at her. It grimaced, gray and twisted, bordered by tufts of wiry black hair: the face of a gorilla mad with rage. Yasuko sat stiffly in the theater, her hands folded, her back straight and waist … read more