Bunny paine-Clemes

Bunny Paine-Clemes (aka Bunny Jones and Radha Mohini) has a Ph.D. in British Restoration literature and is a  Professor Emerita at Cal State University, Maritime, where she teaches creativity and humanities courses. Since May 2012 she has also been teaching at Atlantic University.  At Houston Community College (1977-1991) she directed the creative writing program and edited the literary magazine, twice named best in the state. She has given many workshops in metaphysics, eastern philosophy, creative writing, and teaching. She has also spoken at international conferences in Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Greece, and Canada. Her publications include short fiction, essays, academic articles, and verse in magazines and journals. Her novel Love and Death in Vienna (Brighton, Book Guild, 2011) tells the tragic love story of Mary Vetsera and Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria. Her novel A Winter’s Day: A Restoration Tragedy (Brighton, Book Guild, 2012) tells the little-known love story of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, and his wife, both of whom were inaccurately portrayed as characters  in the movie The Libertine.

Bunny Paine-Clemes dwells with her husband, father, and cats in a Victorian home once owned by a sea captain who corresponded with Edgar Cayce and Einstein. Her passions are eastern philosophy, metaphysics, creativity, and transpersonal psychology. Her fiction is inspired by dreams and visions of the past. She writes by empathizing with her characters in meditative or hypnotic trances.

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