Love and Death in Vienna Book Cover





Love and Death in Vienna.  Brighton, U.K.: Book Guild, 2011.



    A Winter's Day: A Restoration Tragedy   





    A Winter’s Day: A Restoration Tragedy.  Brighton, U.K.: Book Guild,








     Lennon Juice: Verses, Stories, and Jottings Channeled by John Lennon to Bunny Paine-Clemes. CA:  Center Everywhere Press: Amazon, print and  Kindle e-book,   2013.  http://www.bunnypaineclemescom/books/250-2











       Creative Synergy: Using Art, Science, and Philosophy to Self-Actualize  your Life, 2015,

available at Amazon and


Becoming_the_Buffalo_Cover_for_KindleBecoming the Buffalo: Writing in Attunement with “The Creative Forces”    

2015, Center Everywhere Press, available at Amazon in print and Kindle formats in-attunement-with-the-creative-forces/







  Melana of Malagon; Or, The Fall, 2015, Center Everywhere Press, Kindle Book on Amazon,


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