Love & Death in Vienna

Love and Death in Vienna Book Cover

He’s been her obsession throughout her young life. Yet to seventeen yearold Marie Vetsera, he is more than that: he is her destiny. But Crown Prince Rudolf of Austro-Hungary–heir to the throne, a man of the world, much older than Marie and disease-ravaged from his indisciminate liaisons–moves in the upper circles of society to which she, of minor aristocracy, can barely aspire.

Through sheer stubbornness, however–and maybe a touch of the spoiled child who has always got everything she wanted– the girl succeeds in making a fateful meeting with him happen: an encounter that leads to a passionate, not-so-secret affair, one marked, on her side at least, by total adoration.

But all is not right in his world. There is a darker side to Rudolf’s life, in which he ultimately sees only one way out. It is the only way that will ensure the lovers can be together forever.

By love united until death.


Superb Storytelling

This book has everything a lover of historical fiction could possibly want: wonderful writing, drama, romance, tragedy, passion, and intrigue. It will keep you reading far into the night, for even if you know the story of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and Baroness Mary Vetsera, there is something spellbinding and intimate about the way it is presented in this book. It’s obvious the author cares deeply about her subject. Readers won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended.–Pat Kay, New York Times Best-Selling Author.

Informative and Thought-Provoking Read

Political unrest, court gossip and whispers of treason pose an ever-present danger to Crown Prince Rudolph and his current love, the young, beauteous, Mary Vetsera. A vivid, yet touching account of the tragic love affair that ended a dark chapter in the history of Austria and the Hapsburg heirs to the throne.–Teresa Kohlhauff    

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