Creativity and the Unified Field

Some creators feel a higher intelligence is helping and guiding their efforts. They believe that cooperating with this intelligence will help us and trying to “go against the flow” will frustrate us. This higher intelligence is said to dwell in … read more

The Inner Critic

All of us have many voices inside us, and one of the most debilitating is the Inner Critic, the internalization of all the negative messages we have receieved about our creativity. It actually forms what Jung called a complex–an energy … read more

The Inner Critic, Part 2

Another way to silence the Inner Critic is to use positive affirmations. No, I don’t mean incredible affirmations such as “I am a best-selling author” when you can’t get published. I mean afirmations your subconscious can believe, such as, “I … read more

A Blog about Creativity

Bunny Paine-Clemes

In this blog you’ll read some ideas about creativity, as well as some short creative pieces I’ve written over the years.  The “Blog” heading at the top of the page  has  dialogue boxes for separate categories such as “stories” and “creativity.”  To check out the blog I use in my creativity class, go to .  To visit my Amazon author page, see .  To see a video of me discussing my classes at Atlantic University, go to

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